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If you use the Gemini mobile app, we recommend securing it with biometric authentication via TouchID or FaceID for every login. A PIN you can easily remember, and never write down, is recommended for backup.


During account setup, we require users to go through the two-factor authentication process. This verifies your possession of two of the three recognized factors for authentication: (1) Something you have (like a mobile device or hardware token), (2) something you know (like a password or PIN), and (3) something you are (which is identified by your fingerprint, face, or government-issued ID).

Gemini’s method for 2FA authentication is Authy, a commercial application which you can download to your mobile device or desktop computer here. SMS verification is available; however Authy is more secure. For the highest level of security, we also recommend disabling the multi-device option in your Authy app settings. This will protect you from other devices being added with the ability to authenticate your logins.

In the event you have a new phone or phone number, you may temporarily lose access to Authy 2FA. You can resolve any 2FA lockout using the instructions here.


As you continue your Gemini account setup, you’ll link bank accounts to use as U.S. dollar funding sources for trading. The accounts you connect should be secured by strong passwords, ideally stored in a password manager.

Always practice situational awareness with your Gemini account: Never give out personal identifying information through untrusted sources, never allow remote access into your computer, and remember that Gemini’s primary support channel is email — not phone. (Our support team only calls customers in special cases, after coordinating a time and date via email.) When accessing the Gemini website, only use the URLs or

Once you deposit funds and start trading, review the Transaction History in your account settings regularly. If you ever suspect suspicious activity, please report it to us immediately at or


In order to withdraw from your account, you will need to complete our full onboarding process (including uploading a government ID). Once that’s complete, U.S. dollar funds can be withdrawn to any connected bank account and cryptocurrencies can be sent to any withdrawal address associated with the currency type (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZEC, or GUSD).

For added security, you can use withdrawal address whitelisting to (i) ban cryptocurrency withdrawals, or (ii) restrict them to specific, approved addresses only. This ensures that in the unlikely event of an account takeover, your cryptocurrencies on Gemini cannot be sent to an unknown address.

Once you enable whitelisting in your account settings, you will not be able to withdraw until there are active addresses on your whitelist. You can leave your whitelist empty to maintain a ban on all withdrawals.

You can add addresses, delete addresses, or edit address labels any time through your account settings on the Gemini website (whitelist information is read-only on the Gemini mobile app). For individual accounts, every address is subject to a seven-day holding period before it is activated for withdrawals. Whitelisting offline (or “cold”) addresses only is recommended.